Cycle Touring Thailand - Kui Bui to Huai Yang to Ban Krut

We’re absolutely loving Thailand!! Every place we’ve been to so far has exceeded our expectations, the food is delicious, the people are so friendly and have a very gentle nature about them that we really like, the beaches are amazing and the scenery is beautiful, and everything is so god damn cheap! Watmore could we want?! 😉

We arrived in Kui Buri at about 10am from Hua Hin, it was flat road all the way and pretty easy riding. The traffic in Thailand is a bit crazier than Malaysia though, people seem to be in a bit more of a rush and there are cars and bikes everywhere, even coming the wrong way down the shoulder of the road where we’re riding. But don’t worry Mums and Dads we’re being extra careful.

Kui Buri was the first non-touristy town we’d been to so we weren’t expecting much in terms of accommodation, coming into the town we spotted a sign that was all in thai but had a picture of a house on it so we followed it down a little side street, and were pleasantly surprised to find a lovely little hotel called the Suttangrak Resort. The rooms were big and looked recently renovated with all the mod cons, the staff were super friendly and helpful, and we managed to communicate somehow despite the fact that they spoke almost no english. We rented a scooter for the day to check out the town, there wasn’t much to the place but it was fun zipping around, an ideal way to see everything without having to peddle.

The road to Huai Yang gave us our first taste of some hills, nothing too difficult though, it was actually a welcome change after so much flat road and gave us some nice views. Huai Yang is a cute beach village that seemed to have quite a few Europeans living there. We rented a scooter again and went down to the pier for a swim, the beach was beautiful and clean, there were colourful little fishing boats scattered along the water which made it very picturesque. The water wasn’t very refreshing though, it was like jumping into a warm bath.

While in Huai Yang we met a couple of guys from Sweden and Norway who also happened to be cyclists, Oddvar (the Norwegian) offered to guide us the next day through the back streets to the coastal road to get to Ban Krut 40km south, a place that we never would have found otherwise. We were grateful as you can imagine since he’d also have to ride back, an 80km round trip leaving at 6am, and believe it or not he’s 71 years old and had to slow down for us to keep up! Extremely impressive and definitely a reason to never stop cycling. As for Ban Krut it’s one of the most gorgeous strecthes of beach we’ve ever seen, exactly what you’d hope to find in Thailand, white sand, crystal clear water and hammocks hanging between palm trees, just perfect.

Apr 8, 2013