Motorcycle Adventure on Barry Way & McKillops Bridge in the Australian Alps

Ep 42 | Australia's Most Dangerous Rd?

Today we rode the famous Barry Way and McKillops Road through the Australian Alps (Snowy Mountains) from New South Wales to Victoria. McKillops Road is known as one of Australia's most 'hazardous and dangerous drives'. It's a narrow dirt road with steep drop offs down to the Snowy River Valley below, it wasn't as dangerous as we were expecting based on the reputation but we were extra careful to stay away from the edges!

It was an amazing day of riding in hot weather with beautiful mountain views all along Barry Way and McKillops Road. We stopped for a bite to eat at the camp ground next to the stunning McKillops Bridge. The only accident was Jason dropping his bike (twice!) while parking to get a photo in front of the bridge.

We finished the day in Orbost Victoria, completely buggered and very happy after a great day of adventure riding :)

Filmed February 2022 in New South Wales and Victoria Australia.