Our First Blog Post!

This is the first of what we hope will be many blog posts over the coming years. At the moment we’re living in Sydney and preparing for a 6 month cycle trip around Europe next year, a plan that’s been about 3 years in the making so we’re both extremely excited that it’s finally (almost) here!

When we got the idea for the trip neither of us had any cycle touring experience, and hadn’t even ridden a bike in years. Since then we’ve done about half a dozen small (around 50-100km) trips around the Sydney area and so far so good. The first big challenge will be in January when we’ll be cycling over 1000kms from Sydney to Melbourne.

If we survive Europe in one piece we’re planning to continue travelling as long as we can, spending a few months here and there and hopefully having some interesting experiences that we can write about.

This is also our first attempt at writing / blogging so apologies if it’s not best seller material just yet, we’ll do our best to keep it entertaining 🙂

Dec 18, 2012