White Cliffs to Charlotte Plains via the Aussie Outback

Ep 15 | Our Motorcycle Adventure Around Australia

Our motorcycle adventure through the Australian outback continued from White Cliffs in NSW up north to the tiny town of Hungerford just over the QLD border with a population of only six people! We camped in Hungerford for the night and made a rookie camping mistake of setting up the tent directly under a lamp post, and there was a small mishap with Tina's helmet GoPro mount on the way 😢 

The next day we rode the motorbikes to a beautiful destination in outback Queensland called Charlotte Plains Station where we camped for the night and enjoyed a soak in the natural hot artesian bore baths 🛀 

Travelling by motorcycle through these remote parts of Australia with nobody around for miles made us feel like we had truly arrived in the outback, and while the weather finally started to warm up a bit, it wasn't quite enough yet for us to lose the winter jackets for very long 🥶

Filmed July 2021