Cape York back to Cairns The Easy Way - Shipping the Bikes

Ep 25 | Motorcycle Adventure Australia

We had an important decision to make in Cape York, do we ride back down the Peninsula to Cairns, or do we ship the motorbikes down and fly back. We discussed it with Arnie and Franco, and together we decided to go with option number two. 

Riding from Cairns to Cape York was a long hard slog for us, we were buggered and needed a break! 🙂

So with the decision made to ship the bikes back to Cairns, we cleaned the red dirt off Arnie and Franco as best we could with a garden hose, dropped them off at Seisia Wharf for an emotional farewell, then headed to Bamaga Airport to board a little plane for a bumpy flight back to Cairns.

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Filmed August 2021