The Bikes Arrive in Cairns and We Plan Our Big Lap of Oz

Ep 26 | Shipping Motorcycles to Cairns

After eight weeks in Cairns we were super excited to get the call from Sea Swift (the shipping company) that the motorbikes had finally arrived from Cape York. The boys were back in town!

During our Cairns stint we stayed in an AirBnb for a bit of extra comfort, but decided it was time to get back into travel mode, so we moved back into a hostel before going to pick up the bikes.

There was a bit of fiddling around to get the bikes going again, both batteries had completely died from eight weeks of sitting idle and needed a jump start at the depot. We'll make sure to disconnect them in future. 

To give the batteries some charge (and for some fun) we did a few happy laps around Cairns, it was great to have the family back together again. The bikes were still covered in red dirt from the cape so we also took them to get spruced up at McSuds Car Spa.

At the end of the day we celebrated with happy hour cocktails and pizza on the beautiful Cairns waterfront, and discussed future plans for our big lap of Oz.

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Filmed October 2021