Cycle Touring Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

It’s our last morning in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia, time to say goodbye to the plush hotel suite and start roughing it on the road again. We’ve really enjoyed KL, so glad we changed our plans to include it in the itinerary, it’s definitely a place we could visit again, there’s heaps to see and do and we feel like we just scratched the surface in our 3 days here.

We weren’t really sure what to expect of KL after seeing the conservative east coast, but here it’s anything but conservative. We stayed in the Bukit Bintang area which is known for it’s night life, and the first thing we noticed when we went out for dinner was the number of scantily glad girls in all the bars, it didn’t take long to realise that they were all hookers though, something about 20 year old Asian/African girls with 50-60 year old white men that gives it away. The place didn’t have a seedy vibe at all though, there were all kinds of people out from all over the world which gave it a real traveller party atmosphere.

Tina has had a bit of a head cold since Saturday that she’s just starting to get over now, we’re blaming all the aircon which they love to crank everywhere at about 15 degrees celcius, so you’re constantly going from melting outside to freezing inside. The temperature during the day is really hot and humid as expected, but it cools right down at night to a perfect level for wandering around town. One weird thing we found over here is that some pedestrian crossings never go green, there are buttons and lights that look like they’re all working, except the little man just stays red, the only way across is to wait for a gap in the traffic to jump through like Frogger.

Can’t believe it’s already been almost two weeks since we left Australia, and at the same time it feels like ages ago because we’ve seen so much already, one thing we did completely miss out on though was Easter which is nowhere to be seen, we did have our share of chocolate though, albeit not in egg form.

Apr 1, 2013