Cycle Touring Malaysia - Kuala Rompin to Pekan

It was another long day on the bikes at 96km, we could have stopped half way at a little fishing village called Nenasi, but the only accommodation in town was a decrepit old motel that just wasn’t happening, we were happy to push on for another couple of hours to Pekan.

We left at 5:30am so we could get a good chunk of cycling done before the sun had a chance to punch us in the face, the road was almost completely flat the whole way so other than the distance it was easy riding, we kept a steady pace and arrived at midday. Instead of monkeys today there were stacks of little lizards running into their burrows as we approached, and people we passed along the way were friendly as usual, we’ve gotten into the habit of waving at pretty much everybody we see now.

We got to see some coastline today and were really surprised by the large amount of garbage there seems to be everywhere, even at beaches that don’t have any towns nearby. Our theory is that there doesn’t seem to be any pride in public property, like this morning when we stopped for brekky at a 7-11 the girl working there was sweeping the area in front of the shop, but instead of putting the garbage into one of the many nearby bins she just swept it onto the street. It’s quite peculiar to see since in Australia littering is such a no no.

We checked out a couple of hotels in Pekan and decided to stay at the Budget Hotel on the main road because it’s close to everything, has good free wifi and an LCD TV that we can hook the laptop up to for watching movies. Not sure why they called it budget since it’s the most expensive option we found at RM80 for the night. The other place we looked at was the Chief’s Rest House which had big rooms, but the bathrooms were grotty, TV was a miniscule old thing and there was no internet service at all.

Mar 28, 2013