Do we fight? What do we miss from home? How do we get drone footage?

Our first travel Q&A

Our first Q&A about travelling around Australia by motorcycle after being on the road for over a year.

We cover a bunch of topics from drone footage and motorcycle setup to how we met and if we get into fights travelling 24x7 together.

Here's some extra info on a couple of the questions we received:

How you control and edit your drone footage?
Our drone is a DJI Mavic Air 2 and we mentioned that we get follow shots using a third party flight app called Litchi - We use the standard DJI fly app for quickshots like orbit and "dronie".

I am quite interested how you transferred the bikes from the tip of Cape York to Cairns. Is it very costly?
We answer this in the video, but for more detailed info including links to the shipping company and airline websites check out this blog post.

Thanks for all your questions!