Exploring Magnetic Island in Tropical North Queensland

Ep 29 | Motorcycle Travel Australia

It was a beautiful (hot!) Sunday on Magnetic Island in Tropical North Queensland. Perfect weather for some beach hopping and moto touring around to see the sights. 

To keep it simple we left Arnie at home and doubled on Franco for the ride, first stopping at Horseshoe Bay on the north end of Magnetic Island. The Sunday markets were on so we had a browse around even though we didn't have space on the bikes to buy anything new. Nothing wrong with some window shopping lol.

After a play on the beach and a relaxing beer we hopped back on Franco for a short ride to the east of the island for a swim in one of the many bays. Ending up in Arthur Bay we found a beautiful secluded beach that we had almost to ourselves. So we relaxed some more and went for a dip to cool off.

Later in the afternoon we rode out to the meet some little guys Magnetic Island is famous for, the rock wallabies! They're like mini kangaroos and super cute. There's a colony of them that live on the northern point of Geoffrey Bay on the south east of the island. We were told by locals they like carrots so we took an offering and went to say hello to the adorable little buggers!

The next morning we treated ourselves to a nice brekky out. I'd had a bit of a tumble during the night and given myself a shiner so Tina wanted to make me feel better, and who was I to argue? :)

Thanks for watching!

Filmed October 2021