Race to Magnetic Island on Our Big Lap of Oz

Ep 28 | Motorcycle Adventure Australia

We woke up a little later than planned at Wallaman Falls campground, our first night back in the tent was a lot more comfortable than expected and we couldn't resist hitting the snooze button a few times.
To start the day we attempted to walk to the base of Wallaman Falls from the campground. What we didn't know is there isn't a walk to the falls from the campground so we ended up at Banggurru Rock Pools instead, which are also nice but not exactly what we were after. So we packed up camp and rode over to Wallaman Falls lookout for a spectacular view of the tallest waterfall in Australia. Tina wasn't feeling well so we decided not to do the strenuous hike down to the bottom and back. Instead we enjoyed the views from the top while reflecting on the different challenges of moto touring and camping in the heat vs the cold.

After picking up groceries in Ingham at 1:30pm, we found out the ferry from Townsville to Magnetic Island that we wanted to catch left at 3:00pm, and that Townsville was 1.5 hours away. So we jumped on the bikes and raced against the clock from Ingham to Townsville to catch that ferry!

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Filmed October 2021