Outback Wild Moto Camp to Cobbold Gorge Village

Ep 17 | Our Motorcycle Adventure Around Australia

The best part about wild camping in the middle of nowhere was the next morning when there wasn't another soul in sight and we got to enjoy a stunning outback aussie sunrise all to ourselves, well worth the price of not showering and having peanut butter sandwiches for dinner the night before. We packed up our wild camp and continued our motorcycle adventure north, travelling first to Hughenden to pick up some food and stop for a couple of hours to catch up on some work on the laptops in a local park, which seemed like a simple enough plan until the wind decided to blow us out of there. 

We continued riding the motorbikes north with a quick stop at the Porcupine Gorge Lookout before travelling to The Lynd Oasis Roadhouse to camp for the night. The next morning we travelled west to Cobbold Gorge Village, stopping briefly about halfway at Einasleigh to check out Copperfield Gorge. We were pretty buggered after riding into Cobbold Gorge Village so we set up camp and had an early night to recharge for a tour of the Gorge we had booked for the next day :)

Filmed July 2021