Cobbold Gorge Camping to Cairns via Undara Lava Tubes

Ep 18 | Our Motorcycle Adventure Around Australia

Continuing our camping streak at Cobbold Gorge Village, we started the morning with "eggs teenie" and a cuppa for brekky at the campsite before taking a boat tour through the picturesque Cobbold Gorge in Outback Queensland. The next day we hopped back on the motorbikes and travelled to Undara Volcanic National Park to visit the impressive Undara Lava Tubes, a network of huge tunnels burned into the earth hundreds of thousands of years ago by a volcanic eruption. 

While camping in Undara we also enjoyed a bush brekky and did a 13km hike up to Rosella Plains Lookout for an amazing view of the National Park. The next morning we woke up really excited because that day we were travelling to Cairns! We loved the adventure of riding motorcycles through the Australian Outback but were also looking forward to the modern convenience of being back in a city. 

On the ride to Cairns we stopped for lunch at the beautiful Little Millstream Falls, then when we arrived in Cairns we felt a sense of excitement, happiness and relief all rolled into one, we just rode our little motorbikes from Bells Beach all the way to Cairns which felt like the first significant milestone of the trip. Next up we need to see if we can make it another 1000km north to the Tip of Australia in Cape York! 😲

Filmed July 2021