Travelling Melbourne to Ballarat with a detour to Portland Victoria Australia

Ep 44 | Historic Ballarat & the Eureka Stockade

After a couple of weeks catching up on work and spending time with the family in Melbourne, it was time to say goodbye to James, Ruth and the kids.

We packed up the bikes with some help from the little punks and travelled west to the picturesque town of Ballarat, a former boomtown built during the Victorian gold rush era of the 1850s - 1860s. We explored some of the sites in the historic town and learned the interesting history of the Eureka Stockade that happened there.

Leaving Ballarat our plan was to ride to Mt Gambier in South Australia, but about halfway there we realised we'd forgotten to fill up on fuel and might not have enough to get all the way to Mt Gambier. There were no servos nearby so rather than risk it we took a detour south to Portland on the south coast of Victoria. 

SA will have to wait until tomorrow!

Filmed March 2022 in Victoria Australia