Lucky Detour to Cape Bridgewater on Our Ride to South Australia

Ep 45 | Big Lap of Oz

It's not always a bad thing to almost run out of fuel and have to make a detour to the closest servo, that's how we ended up in Portland on Victoria's south coast on our way to Mt Gambier in South Australia. 

Turns out Portland is right next to the spectacular cliffs of Cape Bridgewater with views that rival (in our opinion) the world famous Great Ocean Road on the south east coast of Australia. 

Today we hike the Cape Bridgewater Seal Walk, a stunning 2 hour hike right along the edge of coastal cliffs that tower 130 metres above sea level with panoramic views across the bay. The walk finishes at a lookout to a fur seal colony at the base of the cliffs, the seals are quite a distance so we were lucky someone else was there that lent us their binoculars for a better look. But honestly the walk was worth it just for the views of the cliffs and amazing scenery.

From Cape Bridgewater we made another stop nearby to visit the Petrified Forest, an unusual rock formation on the coast that resembles a forest made of stone.

We then finally farewell the eastern states and ride the motorbikes across the border into South Australia! The first time for us both. Ending the day at a new campsite in Mt Gambier SA.

Thanks for joining us on our motorcycle adventure around Australia!

Filmed March 2022 in Victoria and South Australia