Cape York by Motorcycle - Bramwell to The Tip via Fruit Bat Falls

Ep 22 | Adventure Travel Australia

The day had finally arrived for us to make our final push to The Tip of Australia! The road continued to be a long hard slog up the last section of the Cape York Peninsula. We left from Bramwell Station in the morning and rode the motorbikes north along the Peninsula Development Road (PDR), we decided not to attempt the Old Telegraph Track (OTT) after seeing a recent video of deep creek crossings that would easily drown Arnie and Franco and we couldn't do that to our boys! The PDR was challenging enough with huge corrugations, sand, and to make things interesting we even had some rain! ...despite the challenging conditions we continued to feel a bit more comfortable on the "corry" and happily didn't have any accidents.

First stop for the day was the beautiful Fruit Bat Falls swimming hole that sits about halfway between Bramwell Station and Bamaga, it was the perfect spot to cool off with a refreshing dip before getting back on the motorbikes. Next stop was Bamaga, the northernmost town in Australia, crossing the Jardine River Ferry Crossing on the way up. Bamaga is a small town located only about 30km from the northern tip of Cape York (a.k.a. Pajinka), which we made a bee line for! The road from Bamaga to The Tip started with corrugation similar to what we'd just come through, then turned into more of a 4x4 track that cut through some rainforest and included a few shallow creek crossings, before arriving at a beach on the tip of Australia. We parked next to the beach and did an easy hike for maybe 1km to reach the famous sign at the tip of Cape York that reads: "YOU ARE STANDING AT THE NORTHERNMOST POINT OF THE AUSTRALIAN CONTINENT".

We took the mandatory happy snap with the sign, had a bit of a dance around the tip and then chilled for a bit to let the moment soak in, we'd rode our little Himmys all the way to Cape York 🙂

Filmed August 2021