Cape York by Motorcycle - Musgrave to Bramwell Station via Archer River

Ep 21 | Adventure Travel Australia

Days 3 and 4 of our overland motorcycle journey up the Cape York Peninsula continued to push us to our limits, this road was a long hard slog! Beginning at Musgrave Station we shook the previous day's bulldust off our gear before hopping back on the motorbikes to travel north. Originally we hoped to ride all the way to Bramwell Station in a single day - 340kms away! It wasn't long before we realised how ambitious that plan was, the PDR (Peninsula Development Road) wasn't going to have any part of it, along with large corrugations it threw occasional loose sandy patches at us just to make sure we were paying attention! There was no way we were making that distance safely in a day, so instead we chopped the trip in two and stopped at Archer River Roadhouse for the night about halfway, we even arrived before dark for a change at 4pm 🙂. The next day the hard slog continued up the PDR to Bramwell Station, there was nothing to do but to grind it out over the endless corrugated road until we reached our destination. We couldn't complain though, we came here looking for an adventure and that's just what we got!

Tomorrow we'll make the final push up the Cape York Peninsula to The Tip of Australia! 😲

On a side note, it felt like the offroad practice was really starting to pay off on these days, we were slowly overcoming our fear of "giving it the berries" to maintain control when things got hairy, which seemed to do the trick because we didn't have any offs 😁 ...although we still crapped ourselves every time 😅 

Filmed August 2021